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The Werix verse is a fictional warhammer 40k setting used by Werix in all of his games so far. The setting takes place in the Calixis sector, between the years 995.M41 and 010.M42. The central character of the Werix-Verse is Lord Inquisitor Hamilton, a dashing homosexual Inquisitor with the Ordos Xenos, who has a particular hatred for the Tyranids, ever since a Lictor killed most of his male family members during a hunting trip and cost him an eye, arm and a leg. 

History of the Development of the Werix-Verse[]

The Werix-verse began in Werix's first game on the Forums, Offically known as the 40k grabbag, but unoffically known as breadgame. The game was a combination Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, and Only war game where each game had their own threads, but there was also a central thread where they would all interact. Breadgame involved a rag-tag group lead by Lord Inquisitor Hamilton, who predicted a new Hive Fleet he called Medusa was going to attack the Mizor system.

The Werix-verse was contiuned indirectly in Werix's second game, Rogue Crusade, A Black Crusade game with some element of Rogue Trader thrown in. While Hamilton has not been directly or indirectly encountered, the game takes place in the same universe as breadgame, as it takes place in 010.M42, and a large fleet encountered around Scintilla is a fleet forming to fight the very Tyranids attacking in Breadgame.

The final game in the Werix-verse (so far) is Upward Mobility, a Dark Heresy game taking place in 995.M41, and involving an acolyte cell serving Inquisitor Hamilton. It is a prequel of sorts to Breadgame and Rogue Crusade.  

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