Titus is a Dark Heresy Adept that worked under Lord Inquisitor Claudius Malthas Othello.  He was played by Scoobi and was part of Winson Paine's Candle in the Black campaign which ran for about ~1.5 missions.


Titus Barrillo is a born scrivener. An able typist. A fierce recordologist. A most intense symbologog. It is of no better irony that he was born on a planet which, by all accounts, is a data-keeping error. He was born on Protasia, the second one in the halo-ward quadrant of The Calixis sector. Which was named Protasia due in equal parts to laziness and stupidity. The true Protasia inhabits the area around the gas giant Pry. Protasia II was named such, minus the second, because at the time of its founding Head Scrivener Arblast had left half the 'Calixis Offical Scrolls' back on Scintilla. Adept Malfus had suggested, 'Protasia, I think I heard it in a song or some such, its a beautiful word, which befits such a beautiful planet, Eh Master Arblast?' Perhaps he had heard the word in the planetary anthem of Protasia I, I hear its beautiful. The dunce. Arblast, lazy bastard that he was, officially christened the planet Protasia, and by the time the official forms had reached Scintilla, no one had cared.
At any rate, the planets gone to hell. Titus had been born into a war zone. An honest to Emperor war zone. Inside of a bunker his mother had given birth to him, and he had lived his formative years inside the capital city of Protasia. Which, thank the Emperor, was not named Fruitasia. Capital of Protasia I and declared 'Worst Capital City of the Calixis Sector'. Much to the chagrin of Protasia I's populace. In another fit of irony, while Protasia II was a war zone at the time, Protasia I had also fallen on hard times. Unbeknownst to the cults on both planets, they had chosen identical times to secede from the Imperium. Fruitasia had fallen almost immediately and the planetary governor killed.
The capital of Protasia II fared much better. It was far away from the actual war and a popular refugee retreat. Once Titus and his mother had reached the city their life was able to return to some semblance of normality. From the age of 2-9, Titus spent the time learning trade and reading books. A strict curfew kept him indoors, and a well stocked library next to the Munitorum shelter kept him occupied. At 10 he was put to work in one of the PDF centers transcribing field orders to be delivered to the front and transcribing interrogations from recordings.
He was kept in this capacity for some time, and at age 16 became personal adept for a low ranking official in the capital. Most of his duties centered around helping Lord Pettibottom remember important things, entertaining his guests with useless trivia, and sometimes recording the Lord's wife's whereabouts and conversations. The latter of which provided quite a bit of training for his latter day employer.
Titus served Lord Pettibottom dutifully for a number of years, although he began to fear for his Lord. The fat ape had become erratic. His mind appeared demented. He requested more and more surveillance on his wife. She just went to the mall, same as the day before! Titus began to search for new employment. A famous imperial idiom states, 'Beware what you wish for, for it may come true.' In the waning months of his employment under Lord Fatbottom, a mysterious figure had begun hanging around both the manor and Pettibottom's office. Titus thought nothing of it, though he did record his every sighting, until the figure approached him.
It was an Inquisitorial Interrogator, and he had become to suspect Lord Pettibottom of turning against the light of Him on Earth. Titus' extensive records of events in the Lord's life dating back 5 years proved invaluable. After the execution and subsequent liquidation of assets of Lord Pettibottom, Titus was offered to travel with the Interrogator back to his Lord. As the alternative was to become one of those liquidated assets, he gladly accepted.
Ever since he has worked in shadow. Metaphorically speaking, of course, Titus needs a well lit room to truly scriven to his best abilities.

Titus is a stocky, well built man in his middle twenties. He is completely unremarkable with the exception for a nose which dives off of his face. A classic inquisitorial nose, which implies the tenacity of the Imperial Aquila. Growing up in a planet at War has hardened him to the kinds of loss & tragedy that occur galaxy wide. Despite his upbringing, he has a distaste for firearms and prefers instead to enter any kind of tactical situation long after its been completed for proper recording & documentationery. He is often times bemused at the kind of destruction an Inquisitorial kill-team can create, and his after-action reports reflect this in their casual description of the carnage that was wrought.
His time spent as an aide to a high falutin Planetary Official has made him somewhat of a people person, and he goes along easily with those he meets. He detests space travel almost as much as he detests traitors and heretics. Heretics, especially, as he had wasted much of his youth entertaining a fat one. He has an extensive knowledge of the Imperium, and of times past, but he is not a savant.

Party ImpressionsEdit

--- Access File: Cal/146a.67/Titus ---
Scrivener: Titus Barrillo
Thought for the Day:
Heretics, Mutants, and Witches shy from the light, let the Emperor's purifying flame illuminate them
Subject: Kill-Team Othello Primaron , a thought
I am recording this account of the seventeenth operation in the eve year of the Calixis centennial conducted under Lord Inquisitor Claudius Malthas Othello, by his kill-team designated Othello Primaron.
Operation designated Glorious Illumination.
Beginning vox recording in 10 seconds, standard.
+++ Kill-Team +++
Severa Imperatoria
Titus Barrillo
Ishmael Cartage
Demus Diometica
Annalise Scolari
Bruul Mivelson
Hello? Testing, 1, 2, 3. Oh- hold on- ++Sounds of technical adjustment being made++ Hello? Much better. This is Titus, as usual, and I am going to be giving the team assessment for the 17th Primaron kill team to be assembled this year. That is in a standard Calixian year for the record. I give the following account in no order of preference, only in the order in which I go through these data-slates. ++Sounds of rustling++
First up, oh fantastic, as if my job wasn’t dangerous enough. Severa Imperatoria, SANCTIONED PSYKER, though who decided psykers should be sanctioned for anything other than an execution chamber is beyond me. On the up and up, Severa is actually one of the ones who does more help than harm. A Delta grade psyker, maybe, I’d have to look up the true rating. We have it here somewhere. Hails from Theodasi, which is a feral world not in the Calixis sector. How she came into service of the Emperor’s most trusted Inquisition is a story you are more than welcome to try to find out. I try to limit the amount of time I spend around psykers for obvious reasons. Reference after action report designate Fortrip/3453b.99/Titus for more on that particular tangent. Oh apologies, that is designate 3453 X, not B. Apologies again. Anywho, Severa is a devoted member of the Inquisition, and her powers appear to manifest in a more defensive and helpful manner than the usual bolt magnet. She also possesses some matter of charm and beauty, though as a psyker she is, obviously, off limits.
Next up is, oh- that’s my data slate. I’m Titus Barrillo and I record the grisly details and document the interrogations and there are far more interesting things to hear about in the other files. Moving on.
Demus Diometica, faithful acolyte on loan from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Interesting factoid, born in space. I’ve often wondered how many members of the Mechanicus are born in space. I’d reckon not many. So a bit of an oddity. Demus keeps to himself usually, but if you want him to open up just insult the nearest decaff machine and take a seat. Please reference tactical assessments Epsilon through Tau in the Gorchev//976.5A//Othello database for some very accurate and exemplary overviews of Demus’ skill at machine soothing. Out of Lord Othello’s current stable, Demus is very highly rated. Very keen individual as well, even on some subjects not related to toasters. When he gets in a social mood he is the one I most look forward to having a bit of the old roundabout with. I’ve learned quite a bit on missions with him.
+++Sounds of rustling. Background static present+++
Ahh, next… Annalise. That is Annalise Scolari, true name or not, another keen one. Born in Hive Sibellus, and I’m assuming she hasn’t pulled a fast one on the interrogator’s there. If there is ever one to spend the time chatting with, I’d recommend her. Quick wits and you can never tell what her angle is. Highly rated operative, crack shot with a pistol. Throne knows she has saved my skin on quite a number of occasions, and you can reference the Skillari Treatise for a more detailed look into her particular skillset. I’m quite pleased with this assignment now. I only hope that we spend more time sneaking about and talking than running for our lives, it has been a while since we’ve had proper time to chat.
Moving on, to – ah, one of the Arbitrators in the stable, Ishmael Cartage. Ah, Throne of Terra, well- Blast, it seems my data slates been corrupted. Demus if you’ve been touching my things!++Period of silence lasting 20 seconds++ Well from my personal experience with Ishmael he is one of the sort who soaks up the latter end of the after action report with a detailed account of how many slugs he has put into a traitor’s torso. An affable sort at HQ, but a more cautious man out in the field. Just like I prefer! I’m sure I have a reference for you to read on him, but the data slates corrupt, so I’ll just move on.
Finally, Bruul Mivelson. Yet another one who deems to fill the body count section of my official forms and reports. A kind of nomadic savage from what I’m told, there are hardly anyone as blood thirsty as him in a scrap. Being that he is a killer, and I’m more of a typist, we don’t spend much after action time together. I’m sure he is a hoot.
This is an able bodied team that is surely going to be successful in whatever task our Lord has endeavored for us. It has a careful mix of technical and tactical expertise which I’m positive will leave whatever foul heretics or mutants we encounter wondering exactly why their backside hurts so badly.
Thus ends my assessment of Lord Othello’s seventeenth Kill-Team Primaron. May the Emperor watch over us in battle, and hopefully before battle so as to prevent any actual battling from taking place. And may the Emperor also watch over Kill-Teams Secundus and Thirdas as well, Throne knows they'll need it.
Titus out.
+++Sounds of mechanical jostling+++
++Transmission Stopped++
The above account is notarized as accurate and complete by Archivist Titus Barrillo, Acolyte under Inquisitor Lord Othello.
Archivist Primaron Titus Barrillo
Acolyte, Inquisitor Lord Claudius Malthas Othello
Calixis Sector

History in the campaignEdit

Titus served the Lord Inquisitor from the start, beginning the mission aboard a shuttle heading to a derelict prison station to investigate potential heresies.  Titus, being a sarcastic ass, quickly became annoyed with the malaise of his fellow acolytes, urging them to actually start doing some investigation.  Once aboard the station things quickly went to shit, with a number of the acolytes being lost to a vicious mutant attack, including the de facto leader Ishmael Cartage.  After a battle with mutants and an interrogation with one sane enough to still love the Emperor, the acolytes found a missing Inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos and his lost artifacts: A sword and helmet from a traitor marine. 

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