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Suffer not the Unclean is a Dark Heresy: Ascension game run by MaliciousOnion, started in 2010. It is currently one of the longest 40k games still being played.

Game thread can be found here: thread (archived):


  • Dixon
  • Tyberias
  • Mordecai Wollsey
  • Cyrus Kard
  • Bertram
  • Samael Tygris
  • Hughes
  • Ignatius (Retired)
  • Act Valseris (Retired)
  • Regis (Retired)
  • Harlon Praetus (Retired)
  • Wulfgar Barborossa (Retired)
  • Solaria (Retired)
  • Octus (Retired)
  • Maes "Double Barrel" Method (Retired)

First Mission[]

The original team, led by Inquisitor Hughes, was given their first mission by Lord Inquisitor Callinus Solon. One of Solon's acolyte cells had gone quiet on the primitive world of Kessae. Inquisitor Hughes was tasked with discovering what happened to this cell.

The team were dropped outside of Ebban, the planet's capital city, where they quickly got into trouble with the locals after Hughes' attempt to secure lodgings with a digital ring:

Biting down on the ring to assure its value, the old woman accidentally 
depresses the activation stud. With a sharp crack, the weapon discharges into 
her mouth, blowing her brains out through a small hole in the back of her head.
A look of surprise crosses her face as she slumps forward onto the table.