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Ellefa Prime

Stuck In The Middle With You is an Only War game run by Scoobi as PBP on the forums.   This thread is currently active.

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Stuck In The Middle With You is a game featuring the Cossar Jannissaries 345th Regiment.  Hailing from the planet Cossar, the Jannissaries are well equiped soldiers who often field heavy infantry, steel legions, or armored companies.  The 345th is a fast attack armored company centered around chimeras, hellhound variants, and sentinels.

The 345th is currently deployed to Ellefa Prime.

The Squad[]

Player Characters[]

Squad Background[]

The PC squad is known affectionately as the 'Wild Cards'.  They drive an up-armored Devil Dog Hellhound variant, which features a melta canon.   They are effectively the command section of the 345th's leader, Major Serkan Rahm. 

Squad Kill Sheet[]

Rahm's Wild Cards Kill Board
- 1 Baneblade (Aloysius)
- 1 Macharius (Elgan)
- 2 Infantry Platoons (Squad)
- 3 Chimeras (Teuvo, Austus, Aloysius)
- 1/2 Warhound Titan (Aloysius, Elgan, Noelle)
- 1 Dark Eldar Slave Skiff (Aloysius, Teuvo, Aurum)
- 4 Kabilite Warriors (Nerem, Noelle, Elgan, Aloysius, Karl)

Squad Honors[]

Medals & Awards
Cossar Blood Star Reduce first critical effect taken by 1 to minimum of 1
[1] Teuvo
[1] Elgan
[1] Nerem
[1] Valentia
[1] Noelle

Cog of Het +10 Tech Use In battle
[1] Biran

Cossar Marksman Ribbon May ignore long range penalty for high value target once per battle
[1] Nerem

Cossar Ribbon Titanicus Righteous Fury vs Structure Point > 40 vehicles may roll twice, choose best
[1] Aloysius
[1] Elgan
[1] Teuvo
[1] Noelle

Cossar Operator Commendation +10 to Operate skill when in battle
[1] Biran

Cossar Black Star On fate point use: Roll 1D10 on 1 or 10 fate is not spent
[1] Noelle
[1] Elgan

Cossar Meritorious Unit Ribbon +10 to fellowship tests with fellow Cossar units
Mechanicus Cross Titanicus +20 to WP tests when facing super heavy vehicles

Major NPCs[]

  • General Egeman
  • Major Rahm
  • Captain Tolga
  • Inquisitor Lord Hargen