Silas Black is a Rogue Trader Arch-Militant played by Scoobi in Nuggan's To Adventure, Fortune, and Glory campaign.  He also briefly appears in the Scoobi Rogue Trader campaign Eye of Tzeentch as an NPC.


Silas Hand, born into strife in the mid tiers of a Hive World. Woke up in cold sweats, his dreams a dark portent of the future. He would suffer great despair, and only on his own strength would he rise above. The portents are true! War! engulfs the sector. Drafted into service at a young age, Silas never had to undergo the horrors of war. He saw far greater evil! Trapped on his transport ship, lost in the warp! He endured. For 10 standard years, though only a fraction of that in the real world, Silas fought to survive on a cursed ship. He used every weapon available, firing until hellpistols melted into slag, until flamers burst, plasma guns cracked, until every shell spent. Rescued by the very Rogue Trader he now serves, Silas was found atop a mound of corpses, once his own allies, holding nothing but a bloody spade.
Gifted a priceless pistol, Silas vowed to serve the Trader and his family until the end of his days. His pride of battle stolen from him by the warp, Silas fights for pride of self and family!
Silas is a dark character, who has experienced some of the worst the warp has had to offer, but he came through better for it. Skilled, scared of almost nothing, and a deadly shot with almost any gun. His demons sometimes rise to the forefront, figuratively and literally, and as such Silas has turned to drugs. Stimms in combat and 'sleeping aids' when out.

Campaign ActionEdit

  • Silas takes his second shot. Smiling he drops the glass onto the table. He opens his mouth as if too say something, but freezes. The contents of his stomach spew forth in a great torrent, drenching the table, filling the empty shot glasses, and covering the rest of the crew. He collapses to the ground, continuing to vomit, before passing out in the puddle of his own puke. *HOOOOOOOOOOORK* "I am the void-masterrrrrrurggggggggggggggggggggggg" *thump*
  • Silas scowls at the rock, "It is still in there, taunting us."
  • A slimy, wet tentacle drapes itself ineffectively on Silas' shoulder, he stares, grim faced at the mutant before him. "Remove thy tentacle, SIR!" He bellows, "Lest I remove it for you!"
  • "Was referring to the pillagers, not the pillagees, my large bodied lass. And I'll give them a taste of rum." Silas holds up his hellpistol, engraved with ~RUM~ on the side casing. Tanda peers at the engraving on Silas' hellpistol, "How long have you been waiting to say that?" "2 long years." He says with a thousand yard stare.
  • "Captain, if Lucius is correct, the ship was headed for a lost world. By the throne, how can we find something that is lost"
  • "Praise the Emperor, for once I doubt there are mutants here, for none could survive the inscrutable gaze of the God-Emperor" Silas makes a sign of the aquila with his hands, flapping its wings and looking really into it.
  • "Let us embark, we can do this wake... trick, and then Tanda can scream help into the warp like a damsel in distress," Silas grins,"Only when they come closer will they realize she is no damsel at all."  "Yous just jealous that I have all this junk in my trunk and you can't have none." She wags her tail a bit, sunken eyes give a weird vibe to the scene. "Your deviled junk shall find my spade!" Silas rasps,"Do not beguile me, witch."

Silas Mutates Due To Warp Core ExposureEdit

When the daemon rips the core open more, foul purple energy washes over Silas. "No, NO!" the arch-militant cries, scrabbling across the floor to escape the tainted warp core's energy flow. He is not fast enough. Silas feels his body twisting and changing, so he retreats inward. Emperor give me the strength to overcome my foes, gird me from corruption, cloth me in the armor of contempt. Emperor give me the strength to overcome my foes...
When the core is finally ejected, taking the daemon with it, Silas rises to his feet. Smoke drifts off his body, and purple arcs of energy crackle over him. Everything about him looks meaner, more defined.
He punches the floor in anger and rage, that he would have allowed any of this to happen and potentially endanger the Captain.
His fist leaves a hole in the floor.
Silas flexes his hand.
"Emperor grant me strength."


Silas upon discovering his mutation

Silas gains the Unnatural Strength mutation.

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