Severa is an Acolyte Psyker played by Bloodnose that participated in Winson Paine's Candle in the Black campaign.


Severa Imperatoria's homeworld is called Theodosia. It is technically a feral world, in that its technology is pre-black powder and it is indeed governed from orbit so as to avoid contact with the primitives. But, as far as feral worlds go, Theodosia is fairly civilized.
For instance, the city of Severa's birth, Valentina Prima, supports a multi-class system, sports widespread indoor plumbing and even displays its own native culture in the form of operas and concertos. Severa had the good sense to be born into an upper-class family, specifically a military family. Her father was a powerful general in the city's army and her younger brother was well on his way to an officer's commission.
Severa, naturally, was being groomed for the priesthood. A pretty, cat-eyed, wealthy virgin girl will of course be pressed into the service of the church to honor the Great Sky God who has showered them with such prosperity.
But things are not always as we want them to be. For in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, even on Theodosia, there is only war.
Valentina Prima is known on Theodosia as a world power. Battles are fought far from its fair walls and the city itself hadn't been threatened in centuries of recorded history. But this time was different. Forces from beyond the known world had lain siege to the city. Hordes of archers mounted on black horses stood only a few hundred yards from the gates as their unfathomable counterweighted artillery showered the thick walls of the city with flaming rocks.
Imperatoria's Legion, the Capra Cohort, was the only one available to defend the city. Severa watched her father and brother ride out, but only the latter returned. Petronius Valens Imperatoria was hurried through the city's main gate as the artillery continued to fall, he had six arrows in his chest, four of which successfully pierced his breastplate. Severa stayed by his side as the medicae brought him to the valetudinarium.
When the condition of both her brother and the city were looking most grim, Severa did an incredible thing. The Great Sky God filled her with an incredible light that shone brighter than the sun. It passed through her as a conduit before shooting into Petronius. His body spit out the arrows and the wounds closed up. The infections vanished. He stood up.
Meanwhile, just outside the gates, Serpentes Cohort had arrived, flanking the foreign invaders. Thanks to Capra Cohort's brave stand, reinforcements arrived to save the city. But the victory was won with tremendous sacrifice. So too was the Imperatoria Family's victory. The Great Sky God had given Severa the power to save her brother, but now he demanded her service. Hours later, in the dead of night, the Angels spirited the young girl away.
She was brought to the Brightest Star of the Sky, where she met a proxy of the Great Sky God. The proxy told Severa that He demanded her service in exchange for saving her people. The people that she would never see again. Her choices were the honor of service or the humiliation of a shameful death. In Severa's mind, there really was no choice at all.
"In the service of the Fatherland, the Glorious Struggle and His Imperial Majesty the Great Sky God, I accept this Magnificent Task. Honor and Blood."

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The following has been recorded in the Acrolectic written dialect of the Valentinian language native to Theodosia. It was written with the handwriting of an educated woman. Its intended audience is unknown. It may have been meant as a letter home or possibly as a record for the histories of the author's homeworld. Given where it was discovered, neither goal is likely to be accomplished:
Anno Dei Magni Caeli - 2354
Resting aboard His Glorious Barque, my thoughts turn to my new service, as they so often do. No longer bound to Theodosia alone, our greatest philosophers and scientists were wrong. Even my brilliant tutor, Magister Numerianus, with his theories of the Heavenly Spheres, I have seen his falsities with my own eyes. The heavens are imperfect, hideously so. The truth of the Heavenly Bodies is that they are full of even more destruction, poverty and misery than our world. It is now my unending task to use the powers give to me by His Imperial Majesty the Great Sky God (colloquially known in these lands as 'The Emperor') to cleanse the Heavens until either my body is dead and broken or the truth of Magister Numeranius's teachings are revealed.
But I am not alone in my task. The Great Sky God has seen fit to bring me together with others like me. Their powers do not manifest in the same way, but they are marvelously skilled in other spheres. I will now detail them inasmuch as I am able. I have not known them for long.
First I will speak of Titus Barrillo, a learned man much like Magister Numeranius and bearing the name of our grand general Imperator Titus. He claims, however, to have never heard of the honored soldier. Despite this gap in his historical knowledge, Magister Barrillo is very well-educated. He is also native to these parts of the Great Sky God's domain. As such, I expect to be asking many questions of him in the future, as so much of this place is alien to me. I believe he will treat me well.
The second man on my duty roster (they are most of them men), is Ishmael Cartage. I have not spoken to him even a single word. I have been taught, however, that he is a member of this place's police force. Perhaps he will be investigating, or maybe ensuring the legality of our all of our actions.
Looking further, we have some sort of incredible mechanical man! Perhaps not so much. He is drastically more man than machine, but it is a marvel nonetheless. This creature is incredible in the way that his body melds seamlessly from smooth flesh to blinking device. I think this man, Demus Diometica, may have already noticed my staring. I will have to remember my manners.
Next on my list is the other woman in our ranks, Annalise Scolari. She is much older than most of our group. She has some great experience with governance on her planet. Supposedly, this place from whence she comes is an incredibly dense city with billions of citizens. For reference, the population of my glorious home city of Valentina Prima was slightly greater than one million, and we were the shining jewel of Theodosia. Scolari's home sports several thousand times the people of my home, and she still managed to rise above them. I must speak further with this incredible woman.
And last on the duty roster is a brutish soldier by the name of Bruul Mivelson. Even his name stands out in this group. I mean no disrespect, of course. I'm sure this man is here to ensure my safety, and by the looks of him, he will have no problem doing this. The whispers speak of many dead by his hands on his harsh, unforgiving homeworld. The people of this place refer to him as 'feral,' and I can imagine why. Curiously, though, I have also heard this word applied to me.
That is the six of us. We are the group that will be in service of this marvelous 'Inquisitor,' a man whom I have yet to meet. We will join the Inquisitor in the purification of the stars. On behalf of the Fatherland, the Glorious Struggle and His Imperial Majesty the Great Sky God, do I commence this task. Honor and Blood.
-Severa Imperatoria

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