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Maxilis is a recurring NPC in Scoobi's Dark Heresy games.  He is the right hand man of NPCInquisitor Ballast Croix and is responsible for assigning missions to the players.   He holds the title of 'Senior Acolyte' which is not a class in any of the games.


The eighth is an unremarkable looking man in his late thirties. He is clean shaven, and freshly washed, but his equipment and the look in his eyes belies the true nature of the man. He had seen and done a great many, terrible things. He is Senior Acolyte Maxilis, right hand to Inquisitor Ballast Croix.


  • "I don't expect you to repent, Governor, I expect you to die."
          - Senior Acolyte Maxilis , before the execution of
                 rogue planetary Governor Ardial Brust


  • Fear Factory
  • City of God-Emperor
  • Troubleshooters