Risks of the Expanse is a two-part Rogue Trader game, run by KSAF Staff Report. It focuses on two Rogue Trader Dynasties, the von Karmanns and the Katheits , as the two seek glory and fortune among the myriad dangers of the Koronus Expanse.

Both Dynasties can talk to each other through their astropaths , and let's just say trash talk will become an art to these crews.

The Von Karmann DynastyEdit

Rogue Trader Jasper "Mulligan" von Karmann played by Beer4TheBeerGod

Navigator Macharius Tullius played by Astus

Seneschal Dario bin Yeshua al Jabari played by Vicissitude

Voidmaster Roland Tel played by Arujei

Missionary "Yorke" played by Tindalos

Profit Factor: 36

Fleet: Hammer of Glory, Turbulent-class Heavy Frigate

The Katheit DynastyEdit

Rogue Trader Gloriana Katheit played by Scoobi

Navigator Markus Saliah played by Werix

Missionary Redeem Thyself played by FireSight

Arch-Militant Octavius Atellus played by MaliciousOnion

Explorator Siegmund Vex played by Epicurius

PF: 20

Fleet: Maiden of War, Ambition-class Cruiser

Katheit HappeningsEdit

  • The team hurries along an unremarkable corridor. The demon is busily yelling at a crewman.
    "SQUAWK. I will walk along wherever I want, manling!"
    "Do it somewhere else. I just mopped this entire way and you're getting blood all over it."
    "So you can just clean it again!"
    It begins to laugh, a grinding "AWK AWK AWK!"
    That doesn't seem to bother the crew member.
    "And risk a lashing for wasting cleaning fluid? No."
    "Back to the purple dark with you, by St. Drusus' will, and the God-Emperor of Mankind! HAIL TO HIM ON THRONE!" thunders down the hallway, followed by two concentrated blasts of light. The plasma shots go wide but the sudden light spoils Redeem Thyself's aim and she misses her blow.
    As it turns its elongated head, two shurikens tear into its robe.
    "AWK! I'll argue with you later," it says to the stone-faced crewman (who was later promoted for his intractability)
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