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Noelle is a reckless Ministorum Priest played by Astus in Scoobi's Stuck in the Middle with You Only War pbp game. Has a habit of surviving suicidal stunts that really should have killed him.


Originally a lowly Preacher, Noelle would spend time before each battle to make certain the guardsmen he was attached to were properly inspired in the name of the Emperor. After several encounters with the vile Orks, however, Noelle felt that words were not enough, and began to attack the foes of the Imperium with reckless abandon. Eventually his actions earned him enough attention, and he was placed at Major Rahm's side, as the Confessor of the Wild Cards. He does not approve of Rahm's impious nature, but Rahm's own reckless nature and care for the men under his command has earned him Noelle's respect.

Now a Confessor, Noelle has not become any less reckless.  He has charged a Macharius-pattern tank, grievously wounding the heretic operating the main gun with his chainsword, before leaping off the tank to safety as the Devil Dog's meltagun destroyed it. He has also charged a Baneblade, and survived the explosion upon its destruction, despite standing on top of it at the time. Finally, when confronted with an enemy Warhound Titan, Noelle and Elgan, another member of Rahm's Wild Cards, climbed up the leg of the titan, although Noelle himself did not contribute much to the titan's fall. All three events happened in the same battle, and with minimal injuries sustained.


  • One burning Dark Eldar, cut in half with a chainsword.
  • Severely injured a heretic crewmember of a Macharius tank.


  • Cossar Blood Star

  • Cossar Ribbon Titanicus

  • Cossar Black Star

  • Cossar Meritorius Unit Ribbon

  • Mechanicus Cross Titanicus