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Nihilius Pax is a Dark Heresy Psyker played by Malicious. He debuted in Scoobi's game Fear Factory.  He has also appeared in a number of other games.


Nihilius' background is unknown; however, it is known that he was picked up by the Blackships like all Sanctioned Psykers, and suffered greatly at the hands of some bald women. As a result, he is somewhat unhinged, often muttering under his breath. He is also known for being quick to act violently and unafraid of getting his hands dirty (or bloody).

His psychic talents lie predominantly in Telepathy and Divination, prefering to psychically manipulate others into submission than actual combat.

Famous Incidents[]

Preventing, then completing a Daemonic Pact

With a grunt, Nihilius shoulders the doors open, taking one off the hinges. It smashes to the floor, kicking up parchments. The office is small, most of the space for the Regent being taken up by a small meeting area and his secretary's desk outside his physical office. Inside there are but stacks of parchment, endless, they stretch from floor to ceiling. A narrow path leads to a large nal-wood desk. Behind it, a frail man in the garb of the regent slowly dips his quill into a pot of murky crimson and begins to sign the page in front of him.

He looks drained, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nihilius can barely see, for every piece of parchment in the room glows intensely with the warp fire.

Regent Lux finishes signing the page before him, oblivious to the acolytes, and sets it on a stack next to his desk. Then places one final compact on his desk, and begins to dip his quill again.

Immediately realising the gravity of the situation, Nihilius knows that he must stop the Regent from signing the final daemonic pact. He reaches out to the man and disrupts his memory, rewinding his mind to the moment after he had signed the last sheet.

"Somebody shoot him," Nihilius screams, "quickly, before he dooms us all!" Without even waiting to see if anyone is going to do so, he scrambles toward the Regent, knocking over stacks of paper.

Seemingly contradicting his own order, Nihilius through a stack of parchment and over the desk, slapping the regent's hand. Quill goes flying, and the ink pot spills over the desk. Nihilius can hear the Regent's finger bones crack from the force of the blow.

As the Psyker knocks the quill out of his hand, Alexi breathes a sigh of relief and he lowers his weapon, but doesn't holster it. "If the Administrator is like the Adept, he has a mark on the back of his neck. Removing it will free him from its thrall." Nihilius checks the Regent's neck for any signs of Chaos.

The Regent drools and babbles, but he does not have a mark on his neck. He is pale and weak, his listed age on their dataslates is 72, young for such a powerful person in the Administratum, but he looks 120. Without Juvenat treatments. Ripping open the Regent's shirt reveals no mark, but the veins which carried his blood have become black slugs under Lux's skin, forming the very mark that the Acolytes search for.

Reeling back in shock, Nihilius quickly makes the sign of the Aquila. He raises his laspistol, places the muzzle against the Regent's forehead and fires. There is a sharp crack as the laspistol discharges directly into the Regent's forehead. Skull shatters, brains liquefy, and the blood, bone, and hair splatter the surrounding area.

Blood splashes the unsigned compact, fulfilling the daemonic oath. In an instant the compacts begin vibrating. A sickly glow overtakes the room, coming from the blood of the regent. Cracks run up the wall, and the windows on the right side of the room blow outwards. A howling gale sucks the compacts out of the room and into the night sky. A neon pack of bats flies across the factory, the daemonic compacts taking flight. Spiders crawl from the disgusting corpse of the adept, instantly frozen in rigor mortis, hands in the air grabbing for something unknown.

Nihilius holds on to the desk as chaotic energies whirl around him, eyes squeezed tight. When the storm calms down, he opens his eyes and looks around the remains of the room. "Well, I didn't expect that to happen," he says, smiling.

Giving miners saxophobia[]

Sensing out the workers' minds, Nihilius releases terrifying visions of the Void into them.[]

The three workers continue to advance down the tunnel, unaware of what lies ahead. Invisible in the darkness to all non-psykers, creeping tendrils of madness snake their way across the ground. As the men reach about 25 meters from the kill-team awaiting them, the tendrils of madness rise up and pierce the skulls of the two on the outside of the group. Warp energy begins to re-arrange their brains, and they see true madness as their mind is opened to the maelstrom.

When it is over, the two men stare dumbfaced ahead, then a blinking realization comes over both of them. "Ro-ro-ROCKS!! FUCK!! FUCK THE FLOOR! ROC-*GRUF* ROCKS!!" they break into a frenzy, as a severe phobia of rock overtakes both of them. The one on the left just screams in a high pitched voice endlessly. Frozen in terror at being literally surrounded by his phobia. The one on the right goes crazy, babbling about the rocks,"ROCKS!! I need to cover them!! COVER them!!! WITH BLOOD!!!"