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Nerem Velour is a Ratling sniper in Scoobi's Only War game Stuck in the middle with you. His comrade is named Earl and he carries Nerem's shit and uses a rangefinder so Nerem can hit things in the head with bullets.

What he does[]

He shoots things in the head with his sniper rifle. Now, he has a long-las, and he will shoot things in the head with it.

He also gets shot for not posting which sucks. Most recently, he has annoyed the squad's driver to carve pictures of naked ratling women onto his rifle, but Biran has refused on grounds of becoming vomitous.


Blonde, muscular, tan, and handsome in a uniform, Nerem would be the dream of many an Imperial housewife if it weren't for the fact that he were only 4 feet tall with chubby baby hands. Somehow a born sniper like many of his kind, Nerem has distinguished himself from others by falling in with a company that wears silly hats and resisting the urge to shoot them off when things get boring.

He wears his ID gorget around his bicep, as his neck is too tiny for it to properly protect, and when wearing his hat it sinks down low on his brow.