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The "Miss Fortune" is a Rogue Trader vessel owned by renowned Rogue Trader Yolande .  It is a Havoc-class raider.


Due to an cost concerns, Yolande purchased thousands of 'Barnaby' name tags, which were then stitched onto crew uniforms.  Thus the entire crew is known as The Barnabys. 

The Ship[]

Miss Fortune 
Hull Type: Raider

Speed: 9 Detection: +10 Armour: 16 
Space: 40/40 Used  Power: 45/45 Used
Manoeuvre: +30(thrusters) Hull Integrity: 30
Turret Rating: 1 SP:35
Weapon:Lance -> PROW
Weapon:Thunderstrike -> DORSAL

Plasma Drives: Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Warp Engine: Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Gellar Field: Warpsbane Hull
Void Shield: Single Void Shield Array
Ship's Bridge:Command Bridge
Life Sustainers:Vitae Life Support
Crew Quarters:Voidsmen Quartarters
Auger Array:R-50 Auspex
Archaeotech: Teleportium   
Cargo: Compartamentalized Cargo Hold
Augmentations: Augmented Retro Thrusters
Additional Facilities: Murder-Servitors

Rating - Competent (30)
Population - 100%/100%
Morale -  100%/100%

Machine Spirit Oddity: Adventurous. The vessel is eager to seek 
new horizons, to turn its bow from civilisation and delve into the 
darkness of the unknown. When participating in an Endeavor the ship gets
 +10 Detection, when not participating in an Endeavor it suffers -10 Detection

Past History: Reliquary of Mars. Somehow, this vessel has been 
outfitted with an ancient archaeo-tech system from mankind's forgotten 
past. When constructing this vessel, players must select 1 Archeotech Component of their choice. However, any Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship suffer a -20
 due to the highly complex nature of the machinery. Additionally, the 
tech pirests of Mars regard the vessel as holy, or at least having holy 
components. Some may petition to visit the vessel, others may want it 
for themselves.

This is painted on the hull of the Miss Fortune.