The Maiden of War is an Ambition-class cruiser currently serving the Katheit dynasty under Gloriana Katheit.   It is featured in the Risks of the Expanse campaign.

History of the ShipEdit

Originally raised as St. Drusus' Lament in the orbital shipyards of Battlefleet Calixis, a Lunar class cruiser. Gifted to a newly minted Admiral, the ship was to head a new patrol fleet around the entrance to the Koronus expanse. After months of dry runs, the ship finally set off for Copernicus Depot in the Drusus Marches. It never arrived. A recon patrol found the hulk of the ship adrift in space, burned from the inside out in such a fashion that hardly anything was left. It was confirmed lost with all hands, and the cause of death is still a focus of study for the Adeptus Mechanicus in the region.
Enterprising old man that he is, Lord Katheit offered to purchase the hulk, such that the Imperium would still see some profit from its endeavor. They agreed, and for 20 years Lord Katheit dry docked the hull in the shipyards of the Lathe worlds. The Mechanicus, eager to study and to fix, painstakingly brought the ship back to life. Built for the specifications of a Rogue Trader rather than the Imperial Navy it was gifted with large, arched stained-glass windows and beautiful vista views. Due to the mysterious nature of the original ship's demise, and the piety & paranoia of Lord Katheit, a great statue of St Drusus was erected to house the gellar field generators. Gilded wards were hand painted along the prow as signs of devotion. Christened Maiden of War, the final touch of the ship is an ivory statue affixed to the prow of a naked warrior woman holding a spear & shield.

Notable ActionEdit

  • Discovered the planet blue ice, renamed Kakigori, which houses an ancient archeotech power reactor

Current CrewEdit

Crew of the Maiden of War
Main Crew
Captain - Gloriana Katheit
First Mate - Octavius Attelus
Chief Explorator - Siegmund Vex
Principle Navigator - Markus Saliah
Ship's Confessor - Redeem Thyself, the Twice Confirmed

Bridge Crew
Ship Master - Chief Warrant Officer 1st Lt. BØrs (Boers from here on out)
Vox Master - Warrant Officer 2nd. Lt 'Cally' Callifora
Watch Master - Officially Comm. Officer 1st Lt. Matthias ,when Matthias is 
               not on station it rotates amongst the senior commissioned 
               officer on deck
Ship Commissar - Bertram Grout
Master Gunner - 2nd Lt. Werth
Master of Arms - Chief Warrant Officer 1st Lt. Barnaby
Astropath Majoris - Layona
Astropathic Choir - Stephen, Walter, Trishka
Ecclesiarchy Liason - Warrant Officer Leading Voidsman Jure Saturn 

Starboard Batteries
Gun Captain 1st Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Sturno 
Gun Captain 2nd Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Haws
Gun Captain 3rd Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Yarrick
Gun Captain 4th Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Varro
Gun Captain Lance Battery - Chief Petty Officer Harker
Midshipmen Starboard: Ensigns Akadia, Zooey, & Quarles

Port Batteries
Gun Captain 1st Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Lawler
Gun Captain 2nd Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Gormann
Gun Captain 3rd Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Serkat
Gun Captain 4th Sunsear Battery - Chief Petty Officer Zimmermann
Gun Captain Lance Battery - Chief Petty Officer Wulfstein
Midshipmen Port: Ensigns Proctor, Rodrigo, & Reischsmann

Torpedo Decks
Master of Ordnance - 1st Lt. Cassk
Tube Captain Primaris - Chief Petty Officer Verona
Tube Captain Secundus - Chief Petty Officer Ralph
Tube Captain Tertius - Chief Petty Officer Bellacor
Tube Captain Quartus - Chief Petty Officer Nils
Midshipmen - Ensigns Yancy, Hallifax, Lorch, & Welsch

Away Team
Mission Commander - Comm. Officer 2nd Lt. Ellis
Security Chief - Chief Petty Officer Calgar
Explorator Liase - Adept DX-193
Ecclesiarchy Liase - Confessor Purity
100 Voidsmen, broken up into security squads & officers detail
100 ratings, parts & labor
50 Mechanicus servitors/low level enginseers/whatever
40 Misc ship personnel - Cooks, techs, etc


Hull:  Ambition-class Cruiser

Speed:    5    Detect:    +26    Man:    +7   
Armour:    17    Shield:    2/2    Turret:    2

Space:    64/75    Power:    74/75    Hull:    66/66   

Skill:    30    Morale:    93/93    Pop:    100/100

Weapons and Components
Loc    Name                                  Rng    Crit    Str    Damage
Pw     Gryphonne Torpedo Tube         X       X        4       As Missile

St      Sunsear Laser Battery             9       4       4       1d10+2
St      Sunhammer Lance                  9       3       1       1d10+3

Pt      Sunsear Laser Battery             9       4       4       1d10+2
Pt      Sunhammer Lance                  9       3       1       1d10+3

Component                                       Notes                                                            
Jovian Class 4 Plasma Drive   
Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine            Travel time is halved, but roll for encounters every 3 days instead of 5
Warpsbane Hull                               +10 Navigation (Warp) Tests, on Warp Encounters roll twice, Navigator's pick
Ship Master's Bridge                        +10 to all BS skill tests, +5 to piloting & navigation
Repulsor Array                                   2 Void Shield, No penalties to manuevers in certain phenomena
Mark 201.b Auger Array                      Detection increased by +5
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer       
Voidsmen Quarters           
Salvage Systems                               Allows for salvage of space hulks, -5 to manoeuvrability
Auto Temple                                     +2 to morale, +150 points to Creed objective, can be deployed planetside
Observation Dome                             +1 to morale, +50 to exploration objective

Machine Spirit
Wrothful                                During combat  +1 speed and +7 mnv. Out of combat -1 speed and -5 mnv &                                                       detection

Ship History
Haunted                                 Morale -10, Detection +6, -5 to command tests on enemy hit & runs/boarding.

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