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Commissar Leif Hralfgar, at a younger age.

Leif Hralfgar is a commonly re-used character from SWATJester/Diplomaticus in the Acolyte-verse. Leif is typically a Commissar, but occasionally a line guardsman or some other position, though he tends to lean towards officer-type positions when possible.  If he is not a Commissar, he will have some sort of obsession with them (usually an obsession with wearing their clothes).

Leif also gets a lot of shit for his name, particularly the spelling of his surname. Commonly, it's butchered into "Hraflbabble",  what we call the derivatives like "Hralfasdfhkl", "Harflgrbsdflkh", "and Hralfalfa".

He tends to have an unhealthy obsession with pistols, plasma weapons, and commissar cloaks. He tends to disdain melee combat, preferring a bayoneted gun to an actual sword. Where feasible, he'll tend to go dual-wielding pistols, with at least one of them being a plasma pistol (where possible).

Guard Game (pre-OW)[]

Leif was a stormtrooper in the pre-OW Guard Game (now defunct). A simpleminded marksman, with suicidal tendencies, Leif had an obsession with Commissar Holt, and kept trying to steal his clothes/touch him inappropriately.