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Korkis is a Savant of a Rogue Trader played by Scoobi from Bloodnose's game In Search of Xanadu.


Korkis Capathia - Student of the now lost Gerhold School for Boys
There are whispers threading their way throughout the galaxy. Hushed voices speaking of orphanarium's and boarding schools as covers for clandestine Imperial organizations and assassin cults. Young children, with nothing left to live for, molded into killers, spies, and saboteurs. The Gerhold School for Boys is not among them.
Originally started as a boarding school for gifted mathematicians, the Gerhold School eventually turned into an orphanage specializing in bright, data-minded children of slain Imperial soldiers. Unlike the commissariat and naval academies, where athletic ally gifted and intelligent children are turned into hardened soldiers, the Gerhold school provided the Imperium with a steady stream of logistics officers, savants, gunnery officers, and flight navigators. Constant practice sharpens the mind, turning it into a buzzing lattice work of information processing. A gift to all they serve, Gerhold students are able to quickly process information and make lightning calculations in their field.
The Gerhold School served for many centuries alongside other proud mnemonic institutions such as the Werner Academy, Klitsch School for the Young, and the Imperial Consortium Animus. In the third year of the 367th feclid harvest on the planet of Pyorons IV, the Gerhold School received a new student to its western district estate. Son of an Imperial naval pilot, Korkis was orphaned after his father was shot down in one of the myriad conflicts stretching across the universe and his mother committed suicide upon hearing the news. Only 2 years of age, the school immediately set about nurturing the young mind held within his head. By age 10 he was able to recite flight tables by memory, and chart cogiter paths in his head. At the age of 18, Korkis could count near every object in the room upon entering, and 2 years later his blossoming eidetic memory allowed him to remember in such vivid detail the result. Unfortunately, his time at the school would be coming to an end.
Only 20 years old, Korkis was unprepared for attack. Terrorists, former imperial citizens fed up with the Emperor, performed a series of bombings. Gerhold School was caught in the middle, and as the vast structure burned to the ground, Korkis and his fellow students were among the untold thousands screaming through the streets towards the space ports. Many of his friends were long in the teaming crowd, and over the wailing cries of the dying he could only keep running. Thick, choking black smoke obscured Korkis' view of even the Holy Beacon on top of the space port, and he soon lost his way.
As fate would have it, he found himself emerging from the smoke alone, and at the cusp of the ancillary space port. Under the cover of the attack a certain Rogue Trader was preparing for lift off, loading the last bit of goods into the cargo hold of his ancient ship. Whether it was nothing but a passing fancy, or the kindness of a rogue's heart, Ephraim Ravennatis extended his hand and took the bloody, beaten young man onto his ship. For the next 20 years Korkis would toil and work in the service of the Rogue Trader, providing everything from firing solutions in tight spots, to inventory checks of the cargo holds.
He is an affable fellow for an orphan and his mechanical mind gives him an offbeat sense of humor. Not too tall, and hardly muscular, Korkis is clearly cut out for the work of a scribe or savant. He respects Ephraim as a father figure, and enjoys a close, if one sided, relationship with his fellow crew. Still there is something missing from his life. As the years passed the Gerhold school faded from memory, but Korkis remembered, and on every station, ship, and planet he searches for his former friends. Some he has found, and had them ripped so cruelly away at the moment of reconnection. As long as the Tacitus flies, Korkis will continue his search.


Antihicus Reynolds, ship's security officer played by Elendil004
Vindicari Grim, ship's navigator played by Linux Assassin
Lucius Finaci, ship's Tech Priest Enginseer played by Greenlit
and Mordax Keltis, the First Mate played by Malus.
Antihicus Reynolds
I've counted upon this old steel badge to extricate me from many situations where my vast knowledge proves to be worthless. Quite adept in the more, shall we say, physical nature of asset procurement and relocation, my dear Antihicus is one of the many trusted crew that I serve with about the Tacitus. He has often regaled me with tales of his prior heroics, and if you'd like I could recount any number of the stories to you at this very moment. Oh, you don't have the time?
Vindicari Grim For some reason, Mesior Grim does not frighten me like he would other citizens of the Imperium. What troubles me is I cannot for the life of me remember why. Something I was taught in school, no doubt, but it seems to go against everything I hear. Trust not the psyker, and so on. I find his pursuit of knowledge, xenos or otherwise, to be admirable in spirit, and I often find myself wishing to spend more time with him. We always make a formidable team in negotiation, with his ability to peer into the minds of others, and my ability to make use of the information in the best way possible. Often smells nice too.

Lucius Finaci One of the stalwart members of the tech consortium known as the Mechanicus. My mind is often equated to the workings of a cogiter, and I find it easy to empathize with Lucius in his daily duties. I trust in him to keep my bank of data stores and logistic counters running, and I find the trust well placed.

Mordax Keltis The first mate, and terrible regicide player by the way, and someone who has been on the ship as far back as I can remember. Which is forever. Everyone seems to refer to me as a kid, and I feel that outside of Grim, Mordax is one of the few who has earned the right. The captain's brief showing of pity on my personage did not extend to setting up living space, or even figuring out work detail. Mordax found me a bolt hole to sleep, and gave me jobs to do. I am indebted to him as much as I am to the Captain.
Ephraim Ravennatis
My savior. Had I known my real father I still might place Ephraim above his stature. Fleeing from sure death, that by chance I should stumble upon this great man is one of the greatest gifts the Emperor has given me. Shrewd, taciturn, calm, aggressive, insightful, sharp; The list of descriptors can go on forever. The look he gives me when I fail him cuts me so deeply that I must always be on the top of my game when we do business.

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