Javert is a Deathwatch Assault Marine played by Scoobi in Sledra/Morham's Deathwatch campaign.


Javert was recruited from the Feudal world of Targett, born into one of the Knightly orders kept by the Black Templar to screen potential recruits. The planet is home to abnormally sized beasts, and confronting them is a heroic undertaking for aspiring initiates. A particularly brutal beast, red of scale and foul of temperament, killed two of Javert's closest brothers in their attempts to gain acceptance in the Black Templars. For the next month, Javert trained and readied for battle, night and day. On the eve of battle, he carved the creature's name into his shield and set off. He returned a week later, triumphantly dragging the beast's massive head along the ground.
He was made an initiate into the Black Templars, and thus began his journey to the Deathwatch. Especially wrathful in combat, Javert focuses on those that would do harm to his brothers, putting his own life on the line to bring wrath to the enemy. He has once been chosen as the Emperor's Champion, fighting amongst his battle brothers in holy armor wielding the Black Sword. A dark time in the crusade, the Templar were besieged by the Orks. Cutting his way through the horde, Javert reached a lone Battle Brother fighting in hand-to-hand combat with the Warboss and his retinue. They went back to back, cutting down all around them in the swirling melee. The bond he forged with Brother Wilhelm during that battle could never be broken, and some say that it was Wilhelm who was the Champion that day. Their slaying of an Ork Warboss and retinue in that battle got them notice from the Deathwatch.
He joined willingly, glad to be able to do the Emperor's work across the Galaxy. He fought many battles for the Deathwatch, mostly participating in strike missions. Javert is eager to bring death to high value targets, and it is on P-023A, known locally as Blasimire, that he was set on the path to his current penitent crusade on Mizor. Tasked to assassinate a Tau Ethereal, his squad dropped onto the target site. They moved quickly to intercept the Ethereal, and walked right into a cunning trap. Though they were able to kill a good number of high ranking Tau officers and make escape, a hidden threat was revealed and allowed to escape. In addition, a few battle brothers were brought lo. Javert felt disgraced. It was his rash action that caused things to go wrong, and so he vowed to go on a crusade of penitence. His Watch Commander agreed to his request, though he thought it odd that a crusading crusader on an anti-xenos crusade in the deathwatch was being asked to ... crusade for penitence. He did not understand the intricacies of Javert's spirit, nor the faith and redemption seeking nature of the Black Templars.
Thus Javert has been sent to Mizor, an incredibly dangerous war zone in theory, by his own request. He plans to strike hard at his foes, in penance for his mistakes. For the only way to redeem himself of his brash attitude is to be even brasher. Forward, for the Emperor!
Javert has brown hair down to his ears in the front, and longer in the back, kept in a pony tail. He possesses great strength, and loves to engage in friendly feats of might. Growing up in a Knightly order, he has great respect for rank, and love for feast & games. An avid jouster. Keeps a chain wrapped around his sword hand, which keeps his sword close and makes for a nasty surprise when he clocks someone in the face.
His power armor features the raised collar of MK8 Errant Armor, but with a Crusade pattern T helm.

Heroic DeedsEdit

Shit TalkingEdit

  • He would have to think carefully about his choices, for the Tau were a cunning, if not cowardly, foe. They hid behind suits of robotic armor, and had hover tanks. Real warriors hid in smaller suits of armor, and with tanks that destroyed the very earth they tread on.
  • "Ethereaaaaaal, come out and plaaaaaaaaay-eeeee-ayyyyyyyy"
  • "Is that all, welp? Your death stands before you, and it is Astartes!"

    With a roar the jetpack engages just enough to propel Javert across the room and into the Ethereal and the commander. Roaring, Javert brings the sword down in an arc across the Ethereals body.
  • Javert flies across the conference room, slamming his heavy ceramite plated boots into the ethereal's chest. With one smooth move he decapitates the man, ignoring the plasma scoring his chest. He looks around the room, at the fleeing eldar, the mighty commander, and the pathetic stealth suits.
    He drops his plasma pistol and lifts his hand up, giving them the finger.
    "The Emperor says, Fuck You."
    With that he blasts backwards out of the conference room, leaving behind 3 melta bombs, 3 frag grenades, and 3 krak grenades.
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