Ballast Croix

Inquisitor Ballast Croix is the main driving force behind the PCs of Scoobi's various ACOLYTE games.  He is the Inquisitor that the acolytes perform missions for.


Croix is an older man with an augmetic arm.


  • "Look at them, Maxilis, the masses teeming below us.  Do you believe
    that because they were unwilling participants that they are any less
    guilty?  No.  I did not think so.  Heresy, even unknowing, cannot,
    - WILL NOT - be tolerated.  Bring my shuttle."
          - Inquisitor Ballast Croix , before the destruction of the Hive City Romanex for crimes against the Imperium.


  • Fear Factory
  • City of God-Emperor
  • Upcoming Dark Heresy game
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