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The "Hammer" in flight

The Hammer of Glory is a Turbulent-class frigate, designed to hunt down and destroy enemy scouts and raiders.

She performs this task excellently.



Speed: 8 Detect: +20 Man: +18 Armour: 20 Shield: 1/1 Turret: 1

Space: 42/42 Power: 45/46 Hull: 38/38

Crew Skill: 30 Morale: 101/101 Pop: 102/102

Weapons and Components

Loc Name Rng Crit Str Damage

D Sunsear Laser Battery 9 4 4 1d10+2

D Sunsear Laser Battery 9 4 4 1d10+2

Component Notes

Planet Bound Hull +10 Maneuverability when within 5 VU of a Planet

Modified Jovian 8.1 Plasma Drive Ignore Damaged, Depressured, or Critical Hit effects on a 4+

Strelov 1 Warp Engine

Command Bridge +5 to all BS skill tests, on a Critical Hit depowers on 3+

Warpsbane Hull +10 Navigation (Warp) Tests, on Warp Encounters roll twice

Auto-Stabilised Logis Targeter +5 to all BS skill tests, +5 Detection

Repulsor Shield 1 Void Shield, No penalties to manuevers in certain phenomena

Clemency Pattern Life Sustainer +1 Morale, +4 vs Crew/Morale Loss from Depressurization

Clan-kin Quarters +5 to Command to defend from Boarding/Hit & Run, +1 vs Morale Loss

Compartmentalized Cargo Hold +100 Achievements Points towards Trade Objective

Arboretum Doubles time ship may remain at void, +2 Crew Population

Kill Board[]

  • VerirdunIconoclast-class raider, destroyed with the Bad Intentions in the Rain system.
  • Bad Intentions, Wolfpack-class raider, destroyed with the Verirdun in the Rain system.