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Guardgame Mk2 was a Dark Heresy game that fell on hard times after it was abandoned by its GM due to drama. The game was later picked up by Dyne (and there was much rejoicing) and ran in to the ground by players and GM alike. The final nail in the game's coffin was the anticipation of Only War.

In the game the players battled endless hordes of Traitor guardsmen (once), dark eldar (like less than 10), chaos daemons (1) and a necron.


That fucking recruitment officer dickhead posted:[]

Join the 475th Volg Airborne Regiment! The Flags Held High, The Ranks Stand Together!

Becoming a Paratrooper in an elite Volg Airborne Unit is a unique real-life experience. Paratroopers must be mentally and physically ready for any challenge entrusted upon them in today’s war against the Xeno and Heretic!

Being a Paratrooper is not for every Soldier. It takes a warrior’s dedication to be part of an Airborne Team and willingness to always succeed on the battlefield. 

Are you ready for this experience? Then stand-up, hook-up, and jump to the challenge!

You are the elite of the Imperial Guard. For you, combat shall be fulfillment. You shall seek it out and train yourself to stand any test.
Cultivate true comradeship, for together with your comrades you will triumph or die.
Be shy of speech and incorruptible. Men act, women chatter; chatter will bring you to the grave.
Calm and caution, vigor and determination, valour and a fanatical offensive spirit will make you superior in attack.
In facing the foe, ammunition is the most precious thing. He who shoots uselessly, merely to reassure himself, is a man without guts. He is a weakling and does not deserve the title of paratrooper.
Never surrender. Your honour lies in Victory or Death.
Only with good weapons can you have success. So look after them on the principle—First my weapons, then myself.
You must grasp the full meaning of an operation so that, should your leader fall by the way, you can carry it out with coolness and caution.
Fight chivalrously against an honest foe; armed irregulars deserve no quarter.
Keep your eyes wide open. Tune yourself to the top most pitch. Be nimble as a greyhound, as tough as leather, as hard as Martian ceramite and so you shall be the Imperial warrior incarnate.

Player Characters[]

  • Sgt. Klaus (Liesmith)
  • Cpl. Aurum Goldfingers the 3rd (Sormus)
  • Trooper John 'Asswhistle' Roberts (Wibblewobble)
  • Trooper Ora (Infinitejesters)
  • Trooper Slisk (Firesight))
  • Sniper Big Zee (Forsooth)
  • Anti-Tank Trooper Jake (Joe_Richter)
  • Anti-Tank Loader Verberl (Methane)

Dropouts replaced by:

  • Sergeant Anete Kimbal (KSAF Staff Report)
  • Mega-Sergeant Hebediah (MaliciousOnion)
  • Hak (inscrutable horse)
  • Jarvis Merica (Beer4TheBeerGod)

Also featuring:

  • Commissar Leif Hralfgar (Diplomaticus)

Curios & Relics[]

Whatever NPC Air Control: "This is the 112th Daylayne Air Field to Valkyrie VTOL INQ-1313, do you copy? You are not scheduled or cleared for approach, please state your business or report authorization code Delta Seven Seven Niner for emergency clearance. I repeat, VTOL INQ-1313, you are not cleared for approach, turn around before we open fire."

Anette Kimbal: "This is Sergeant Anette Kimbal of Inquisitorial Kill-Team Kimbal-Hebediah-Hralfgar of the Ordo Xenos. Identification code is Omega-Omega-Seventeen."