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Gloriana Katheit is a Rogue Trader played by Scoobi in KSAF's Risks of the Expanse game.  She is the scion of the Katheit dynasty.   She is the captain of the Maiden of War.


Gloriana Katheit is a daughter of wealth & circumstance, born into the Katheit Rogue Trader Dynasty. Only child of the preeminent Warrant holder of Katheit, Gloriana's father eschewed tradition and declared her next in line to bear the sacred parchment granted to them by Terra so long ago. She grew up in the palatial Katheit Estates, rarely seeing her father & spending more time with tutors and nannies than any Katheit. Gloriana was eventually fostered to an uncle in Battlefleet Koronus where she became a midshipwoman at age 16.  

Her privileged upbringing, with all the training and connections it brings, allowed her to soar through the officer's ranks.  She was given the most advantageous officer's postings, often under the direct command of her Uncle, Admiral Bors Katheit. Over time she assumed more & more of the Admiral's busy work & day to day tasks.  In the beginning she served aboard the Enumerator, where she came to know an officer named Octavius.  At an unspecified time her uncle moved to the Angevin Angelus, and of course Gloriana followed. During her time in fleet, Gloriana saw combat against mostly void pirates. The death of close friends & fellow officers has instilled a passionate hatred towards pirates and their ilk.

After a decade and a half of loyal service, Gloriana's father gifted her a ship all of her own. He commanded her to the Expanse, to bring glory to Katheit & prepare the final stages for her inheritance. She must contend not only with the dangers of the expanse, but with her own jealous cousins, aunts, & uncles who seek the family's full Warrant.

Gloriana is 5'10, strong build, brown hair, & brown eyes. She generally wears her carapace armor, though she has a formal navy suit for fancy occasions. The few ostentatious accoutrements she allows herself is a large feather'd cap & a thick coat of dark black animal hide.

Gloriana's Facts & Achievements[]

  • Is an avid ice sculpture artist
  • Gloriana can get FANCY: Gloriana rolls into Trapp's sitting room with all the pomp & gallantry she can possibly muster. Dressed in her finest Navy regalia, breast covered in medals, service pins, and heirloom brooches, she walks with a swagger heretofore unseen. Rather than let her hair spill madly out from under her feathered captain's hat, she has instead taken the time to painstakingly braid the long strands. Chemiluminescent ribbons are woven in throughout her hair, giving off a faint halo of light around her head.
  • She, too, makes a sign of the Aquila, flapping the wings and looking real into it. After a minute of flapping, she looks over and is disappointed that Master Seliah's aquila has been rendered almost supernaturally bird like thanks to his double jointed nature. Her bird stops flying.

Gloarian's Various Speeches[]

  • Gloriana oversees the retraction of the mooring arms & cables keeping her ship connected to Port Wander. The ship is able to depart without incident, clearing the busy inflow of traffic around the station beacons. She politely claps for the bridge crew,"Well done, crew, extra rations for all tonight before translation. Officers on deck, please join me in the strategium. Master of Watch, you have the bridge." Aft of the bridge's main command room, Gloriana leads a gaggle of Leftenants & Chief Petty Officers into the strategium. It is a room a quarter of the size of the bridge, with a round table featuring a holographic emitter in the center. From this room, Gloriana & her trusted advisers can develop strategy out of earshot of the regular ratings and voidmen. "Ladies & Gentlemen, please, be seated." She methodically walks around the room, looking over each man or woman that would be commanding the legion of ratings in her name. "Some of you may have served my Father, some newly commissioned, I know that none spare Octavius have served with me before. We are embarking on a quest from which we may never return. You must all know that the Light of the Him On Throne is dim in the Koronus expanse, and the darkness shall threaten to swallow us whole every moment. Know that if you serve me well we shall return from that hell with riches beyond imagining." She stops her pacing at the throne at the center of the table, the tallest chair in the circular set. "This shall be a vessel built on Navy discipline but heed me, this will not be a vessel served by Navy rewards. I offer shares, planetary governance, command of ships based on merit not which Solar-Admiral's buttocks you are attached to, and the satisfaction of making your own mark on this lawless expanse." One by one, she stares each officer in the eye. "If this is not good enough for you I shall grant you command of your own lifepod and the freedom to find your own way back to Port Wander. Dismissed." She liked the look of this crew, they looked to have the Navy steel she so admired.
  • Next she takes the shipwide comms,"All hands, All hands, this is your Captain speaking. I have, hopefully, seen many of you in my travels aboard the ship. We prepare now for translation to the warp, and to our destiny in the expanse. I do not care if you are a munition hauler, engine shoveler, cook, serviceman, loader, gunner, midshipman, or officer, we will succeed or fail by the force of our collective will. All of you, each one, has a part to play. Bleed for me and I shall do the same for you. Together we will make the Expanse our bitch. Do not look back on this moment and wish you had done more. Look back on this moment and realize that this was when your greatness was hammered upon the anvil, red hot, waiting to be tempered by the Expanse. We are NAVY STEEL! Strong! Unyielding! Implacable! Death to our foes! Shield to our Allies! Xenos Bane! Pirate Slayer! For the Maiden of War! For House Katheit! For the Emperor!" Maybe something the missionary said had rubbed off on her.
  • When Markus moves out of ear shot, Gloriana rounds on the confessor,"Watch your tone, zealot, or you shall find yourself at the Emperor's side sooner than you thought possible. You speak of my crew inviting those abominations yet fail to think how the warp would react to our primary navigator feeling overwhelming guilt while trying to steer us through this hell!" She cuts her eyes at the confessor,"You speak like this is your first trip in the void. We are practically a flying temple, the crew is devout, you underestimate the danger and power of the warp. Shit happens, and I will not have you witch hunting my crew like a maniac because the reactor skipped a beat and something got through. This was an incursion with our gellar's at full strength, pray to Him on Throne you never see what its like with a damaged or collapsed field." She finds her hands had fallen to rest on the grip of her plasma pistol unconsciously, and she slowly lets it slide off. "I shall allow you to mobilize the priesthood throughout the ship with the help of my armsmen, but nothing is to be done before I read a damned summary of your findings. We cannot throw good crew away when we're moving this far into the expanse. Dismissed, Confessor."