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Garron is an Acolyte Cleric played by UberJew in Winson Paine's Candle in the Black campaign.


To put it kindly, Dreah was a shithole. Grey on grey on grey, the whole planet is devoid of color. In most nowhere planets that would be a figure of speech, but in Dreah it is actually true: the atmosphere leaches color from the light that penetrates it. Well, don't get me wrong, it is devoid of color in the figurative sense, too.
I wasn't exactly the sort of kid you would have picked out of a line as a likely cleric, being as I was mostly known for myself into and out of trouble. But even back then I had a little circle of kids who would hang on to my every word and the determination and, frankly, luck to get myself out of whatever my mouth would get me into. Apparently they decided I'd make a better novitiate than con artist and I was flagged to be shipped off to a proper schola.
If they'd been hoping I would suddenly turn into a dutiful emperor-botherer they were sorely disappointed, I am of course still incorrigible today. That isn't to say I lacked devotion, I like to believe myself no less a servant of the emperor or mouth to speak his word for all my...personableness. It is after all the duty of the clergy to speak his word to all and to spread his to illuminate everywhere Man walks or dwells, no?
Of course, I may have been less likely to volunteer myself for service in places with an abundance of color, both literal and figurative, if I'd known just how many times I would end up with my guts wrenched up in terror and trying desperately to avoid soiling myself and running for the hills in fear as a result of a single, little encounter...

Campaign Actions[]

Garron appeared briefly before being replaced mid mission by Ravion, as if nothing had ever happened.