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Football Station is the main hang out in the Koronus Sector


[12:50] <Liesmith> Harbormaster shuts and bars the door, thinking he's finally safe against the RT and his xenos. Then something bursts through the door. It's fucking John Madden and he's here to play some FOOTBALL.
[12:50] <Liesmith> how the heck am i supposed to get rid of this psycho worm;...doesnt anyone do anything other than football around here?? feeling rather dejected you duck into a bar. on the tv its football. around the bar guys and girls all dressed in football squeeze drinks through their faceguards. "i need something strong." the robobartender sets a squirtbottle of gatorade in front of you
[12:51] <Liesmith> gatorade is the canon footfall drink
[12:51] <Liesmith> weve arrived at space station football. everywhere all the time its football. youre haggling with a street vendor when suddenly he receives a pass and runs off and you narrowly avoid the stampede with a dive into a bin. welcomne to the fortyu firtst millenium