Ellefa Prime is the fourth planet in a 9 object system. Only 3 of the other planets are very habitable, & E-P is the biggest as well as the first colonized so it gets the prime designation. Ellefa Secundus & Tertius house some industrial cities specializing in promethium drilling. Ellefa Quartus is a farm world that provides food for the sector & export to other sectors. Ellefa Prime has a last recorded population of 10 billion, most clustered in sprawling cities. Half a century ago the star of the system began to die, its once bright light turning a sickly pale color. The Mechanicus estimates it will take millenia still for the star to die out, so rather than flee, the people of Ellefa Prime have begun to turn their capital into a hive, so as to survive the increasingly dangerous radiation. The massive foundations of the new hive surround the capital, giving the enemy some imposing coverage on a frontal assault.

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