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Elgan Rotherham Buntyhood III is an Only War character played by goatface in Scoobi's game Stuck In The Middle With You. He is a Weapon Specialist and bumbling idiot.


The Buntyhoods are a nationally famous family from Cossar of established wealth, primarily known for their extensive agricultural holdings. The family money is mostly held by the children of Elgan Buntyhood I, including Elgan II, Elgan III's father. The total number of children is unknown, but includes at least Uncle "Bernie" who owns a considerable estate.

As first child and barer of the family name, Elgan should be in line to inherit his father's estate and primary assets upon his death. To prepare him for this, Elgan was sent to the best schools on the planet, tutored by the finest minds available, and rewarded this investment by being really quite good at sports and utterly useless at everything else. After schooling he attempted to enter local politics, but his ignorance of even the simplest matters and self-obsessed boorish behaviour was too much for even his lineage and wealth to overcome.

Jobless and talentless, Elgan spent his time living the life of idle nobility. Balls were attended, hunts were participated in, and he spent a lot of time working on his athletic performance. While this gave him a finely toned physique and a crack shot with those weapons available to civilians, it also brought him to the notice of local nobility. Seeing the prospect of a profitable marriage to the first son of a dynasty, and yet quite sure they didn't want him anywhere near their daughters, it was decided over the finest Amasec and Cigars that Elgan must be removed from the equation.

When the time for planetary tithes came round, the recruiters received glowing letters of support for the young man, extolling his superb shooting and family history of great leadership. Bribes may also have been involved. Elgan was conscripted and swiftly shipped off to officer training school.

Though shocking, Elgan took this rather well. His blind faith in the Imperium and his own superiority made him sure that events were divinely inspired. Service in the name of the Emperor was an honour and a privilege. A career as an officer would undoubtedly bring the young ladies flocking when he returned, and his heritage, schooling and inherent superiority over the peasantry would surely result in a desk job far behind the front lines.

Quickly and correctly assessed as a worthless leader who could barely remember the basics of the Tactica, Elgan was nonetheless a crack shot and a fine physical specimen. He was kicked from officer training back down to enlisted status where his manner with other soldiers and tendency to spin tales of his own superiority has been noted in his record as a possible cause of friendly fire. His inherent faith in the Emperor, combat skills and expendable nature have seen him judged perfect for service in extremely dangerous situations.


  • One Macharius Heavy Tank
  • The knee of One Wolfhound Titan
  • Assorted traitors and Dark Eldar troops


  • Cossar Blood Star Reduce first critical effect taken by 1 to minimum of 1
  • Cossar Ribbon Titanicus Righteous Fury vs Structure Point > 40 vehicles may roll twice, choose best
  • Cossar Black Star On fate point use: Roll 1D10 on 1 or 10 fate is not spent
  • Cossar Meritorious Unit Ribbon +10 to fellowship tests with fellow Cossar units
  • Mechanicus Cross Titanicus +20 to WP tests when facing super heavy vehicles