Demus is an Acolyte Tech Priest played by Dre2Dee2 that participated in Winson Paine's Candle in the Black campaign.


Demus has spent most of his life on an orbital vessel that circulated the forge world Skorguliam of the Calixis Sector. From his first moments, he was inducted into the machine priesthood to learn the ways of the Machine God. The machine-priests on board ensured that vessel was in a constant blessed state and appeased demeanor. Demus is no stranger to ordered schedules, vastly detailed rankings of groups of personal, and the execution of tasks to the most minute detail. The vessel that Demus served on is not merely what he considers his home, but what he even calls to those close to him as his "machine mother".

Demus attitude is mostly that of a loner. Although he is not abject to being with others, he is truly happy when is alone with the machines. Here he can express his true "freedom", tinkering, whispering, and learning from all the Machine God will teach him. Demus is willing to go to new places if there are any interesting machines for him to visit, or at least the rumor of them. Demus loves to correct anyone for even the slightest mistreatment or ignorance of machinary, gleefully using it as an opportunity to show his "superiority". Although he cares for his "machine mother" dearly, he believes now is the time to leave his family and explore what other bizzare machines his god may have for him to discover....

Party ImpressionsEdit


Cast before the eyes of The Emperor....
Identity verified.
Personal Files, Acolyte Demus
It is good to speak to you again, my magnificent Machine Lord. I have been chosen amongst many to serve as an Alcolyte for The Emperor's Inquisition. They of course realized that the machine god's blessings are the engine of the Imperium's might, and as such I was chosen to represent you. I promise you my lord, I shall not fail. They will come to know your magnificence and respect your many children. The others I have been assigned to work with will adhere to all your holy rituals... I will see to that.
The Inquisition has little tolerance for failure from what I've seen and are strong and intense. Those of the order I have met are cold and distant, much like yourself most magnificent machine. I have mixed feelings... both of intense excitement and intense fear. I can feel my face muscles pulling upwards when I hear mention of machinery, but the Inquisitor we are set under unsettles me.
I am of course focusing on replacing those flesh feelings for your blessed machine organs as soon as I can, lord.
Amongst our party is a woman... I believe her name is Severa. She is what the old flesh of my head would become interested with, but I assure you my lord only your children interest me. I have looked in her eyes and they are cold, like yours. I wonder why she is here.
Titus is an intellectual like myself. Not to my level of course, but in him I see the most common ground. We are like two identical gears put into different holy converters. He craves knowledge as I do, but knows not of your glory machine lord. I wonder what I can teach him yet...
Ismhmael seems quiet but fierce. I have not spoken much to him, but I intend to know what cogs and gears are turning in that head of his.
Annalise reminds me much of the blood that runs your machines, lord. Quick, fast, always moving. Everytime she is near, my blessed coiling seems to shutter. I wonder why?
Bruul appears to me as an ignorant brute. The only redeeming factor I could gather from him is that his weaponry seem to be quite pleased to be within his company. Perhaps time will change my opinion on him yet.
Our party is surely a collaborated mess of spare parts, thrown together in hopes that it will hobble as one coherent piece. I only pray for your blessings machine lord, so that we may act with the exact synchrony of a holy chronometer.
Your most loyal servant,
Connection closed.

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