Acolyte Wiki

Regiment Background[]

Cossar's Janissary regiments are well trained, well equipped soldiers & the major Imperial Guard tithe for the planet. Janissaries serve as royal guards & local civic servants until called to muster forth, usually in heavy line regiments & mechanized infantry regiments. Survivors return to train new recruits, determining who will join the celebrated Janissaries & who will join the ignoble PDF.
Dress items unique to a Janissary: Pinched top flak helmet, Dog Tags come in the form of a gorget plate on a chain, provides modest protection from throat injury.

Only War Regiment Creator (The 345th)[]

World: Imperial World
Characteristics: +3 to willpower, +3 to choice, +3 BS, -3 Str
Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (High Gothic), Operate (Surface)
Traits: Blessed Ignorance (-5 on forbidden lore tests)
Talent: Hatred(Mutant), Resistence (Fear)
Starting Aptitude: Toughness
Commanding Officer: Major Serkan Rahm (Maverick!)
Regiment Type: Hunter Killers (+100 XP bonus)
Standard Kit: 1 'Devil Dog' Hellhound Variant w/ Heavy Bolter & Pintle Stubber
Training: Die-Hards
Special Equipment Doctrine: Demolitions - +10 bonus on all logistics tests made for BOOM BOOM
Favored Equipment: Melta Gun / Missile Launcher

Standard Kit[]

Your Standard Kit
[1] Uniform (clean)
[1] Poor Weather Gear Kit
[1] Lascarbine
[2] Las Packs
[1] Cossar Pattern Revolver [A long barreled, wood grip handgun given to all Janissary upon grad]
[1] Set Demolition Charges [3 uses]
[1] Frag Grenade
[1] Knife (Standard Field Use)
[1] Ceremonial Knife (Long curved blade, ornate handle, given to Janissary upon grad)
[1] Cossar Pattern Bayonet (Blade has protrusion near base so weapon may be used as improvised axe)
[1] Flak Vest
[1] Sling Bag
[1] Set Basic Tools
[1] Mess Kit + Canteen
[1] Blanket + Sleep Bag
[1] Lamp Pack (Rechargeable)
[1] Grooming Kit
[1] ID Gorget
[1] Imperial Guard Uplifting Primer (Cossarian Edition)
[1] Set combat rations (2 wks)
[1] Munitorum Manual (Cossarian Edition)