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First MissionEdit

First mission briefing as given by the Lord Inquisitor Claudius Malthas Othello:

Author:      Lord Inquisitor Claudius Malthas Othello                    
Subject:     Investigation
Name:        Orbital Station Thyestes
Location:    Alpha Scintillas
Sector:      Calixis (Scintillan Sub)
Tithe Grade: N/A
Notes:       Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well.

Mission Details: It has come to the attention of my office that a formerly derelict orbital station
around the primary planet in the Scintillas system has shown signs of life.  There have been power 
readings reported by ships coming in from warp, and a seer in my retinue who has proven worthy in the
past has had disturbing visions.  There has been some debate as to whom the task of investigating this
phenomenon should fall.  The Inquisitorial seal is not to be denied, the task is yours.

You are to proceed via a fast shuttle to investigate the cause of the disturbance.  While I do not
consider this to be a pressing threat to the harmony of the Imperium, I consider this enough to merit
the interests of the Inquisition as well as a test of your abilities.  It will be yours to decide what
the best course of action is once you reach the station.  You will act in the name of the Inquisition and
in the holy name of the God Emperor, so let your feet tread as if they crushed legions with every step.

Addendum: The nature of the station is the subject of some debate.  It predates Imperial presence in this
system, and may have once been a way station or refueling point.  There is additional information on this
at a level classified beyond your capacity; I have personally reviewed the reports and find nothing worthy
of mention.  It is sufficient that it was explored by the Adeptus Mechanicus and found to be of little 
interest; too far from the main planet to be of any use and in possession of a paucity of ancient useful

Addendum II:  The black void of space is quite inhospitable, but the station is and should be secure against
it.  Your shuttle will have respirators and void suits should it be necessary, but I would caution those
new to service against straining the resources presented them.  Your shuttle will be crewed ably enough by
servitors, they will serve at your command.

Personal Appendix: I realize I have not had the chance to meet you, the demands of an Inquisitor are many
and his time short.  I am assured by trusted advisors you are more than adequate to the task at hand, and 
look forward to seeing you on your return.

First mission results as detailed by Adept Titus:

After Action Report - Orbital Station Thyestes
Author: Scrivener Adept Titus Barrillo

Thought for the day: Suffer not the mutant to live.

Executive Summary:   Kill-team Othello Primaron entered Thyestes without incident,
 though found evidence of inhabitants.  1 hour standard into mission, engaged hostile
 forces.  Escape to ship was cut off, retreated deeper into station.  Acolyte Ishmael
 Cartage suffered wounds fatalis extremis.  Left upon greater stairwell.  Moved deeper
 in station, interrogated and summarily executed mutated penal legionnaire.  Discovered
 the lifeboat described in data slate Titus/X1/CID0001, recovering artifact
 designate evidencia primaron.  Made escape in lifeboat in the face of hostile forces,
 and were able to link back up with our original shuttle.

Table of contents:

I   -Introduction                    3
II  -Team profile                    5
III -Mission overview               10
IV  -Mission detail                 13
V   -Combat Detail                  24
VI  -Appendum: Artifact             30
VII -Appendum: Dataslate            43
VIII-Appendum: Fallen Acolytes      87
IX  -Appendum: Acolyte Assessments  91
X   -Appendum: Equipment Recovery  116

Excerpt Chapter V- Combat detail 

"...with the station barely illuminated under the power of its failing generators, the
 team intrepidly strode forward into the darkness, ready to cast the light of the
 Emperor to the blackest of reaches.  It was in this darkness that the enemy struck,
 two large and mutated ex-penal legionnaires.  Their names have been lost to time, but
 they turned their backs on the God-Emperor, and were punished thusly.  Acolyte Ishmael
 Cartage, lead Investigator, suffered a mortal wounding in the ensuing battle.  At the
 sight of our comrade falling to the ground, blood spraying from wounding to the neck,
 we gave fierce retaliation.  16 total rounds ammunition expended in the conflict.  10
 into target 1.  6 into target 2.  Both instances resulted in fatal wounding..."

Excerpt Chapter IV- Mission detail

" the upper heat sinks of the station, one creature whose loyalty remained still
 with the Emperor was discovered.  Identified himself as Gerard, and gave a brief
 personal account of the events that transpired on the lifeboat.  Received a commuted
 sentence and the Emperor's Benediction.  Recommend posthumous commendation..."

Excerpt VIII- Fallen Acolytes

"...Ishmael Cartage served briefly under the command of Lord Inquisitor Othello, but
 his presence was felt deeply.  A man of few words, he chose to observe before making
 rash action..."

Excerpt VI- Artifact Primaron 

"...thunder pattern Helm, most likely original service issue during Great Crusades.
  Defaced with symbols of the ruinous powers.  Appears to house some kind of malevolent
 entity, as the armor itself is a main point of concern for deceased Ordos Xenos
 Inquisitor *EXPUNGED*.  Acolyte Severa Imperatoria noted hearing whispers in the warp
 when in proximity to the artifact..."

Excerpt VI- Combat Detail

" the mutant forces in the upper reaches of the station began to use their warp
 boosted strength to hurl derelict machinery upon the Kill-team, Scrivener Barrillo led
 a brave charge up the stairwell, eager to face down the foe in hand-to-hand combat..."

Excerpt VI- Combat Detail

"...though physically injured, Acolyte Bruul proved intractable and completely vital to
 keeping the cabin pressure door sealed.  Recommend citation of bravery for action en
 situation extremis..."

Excerpt IX- Acolyte Assessment

"...Severa Imperatoria exhibited few to none signs of corruption, and was successfully
 able to channel her ability to provide invaluable assistance in times of duress..."

Excerpt IX- Acolyte Assessment

"...recommend commendation to Adeptus Mechanicus Magos upon return to the Conclave Head 
 Quarters.  Cult Mechanicus Adept Diometica was skillfully able to perform ritual and
 soothe machine spirit of even the most foregone pieces of technology.  His complete
 devotion to the resuscitation of the derelict lifeboat in the face of numerous mutant
 enemies saved the lives of each of us..."

Excerpt V- Combat Detail

"...the largest foe yet had nearly forced its way completely into the cramped, gore
 stricken cabin.  Though Acolyte Barrillo and Acolyte Mivelson loosed shot & shell into
 the beast it refused to go down.  Swift action by Acolyte Scolari, and true aim,
 decapitated the beast.  The creature itself soaked up more than 30+ rounds of various
 caliber ammunition..."

Second MissionEdit

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