Bruul is an Acolyte Guardsman played by Namesake in Winson Paine's Candle in the Black campaign.


Valos Krin is a dry and dangerous world, consisting almost entirely of deserts and shifting sandstorms. Nothing grows on the surface except around the few aquifers and a small northern polar sea, home to the one spaceport on the planet, Lifeline, which life on the planet revolves around. Every single person on the planet either lives as a nomad, constantly shifting around the northern hemisphere, defending their watering holes for the valuable local crops of restorative plants and armoured coats of the local wildlife or in Lifeline as a farmer or dockworker shifting the nomads products offworld whenever they arrived at the city.
Bruul was born into a nomadic family, and spend his childhood and teens constantly alert for dangers; sandscorpions, rattleboomers and even the dreaded shakers; giant subterreanean animals which detect movement above them and shoot up to the surface, swallowing the poor animal whole. As soon as he was able his father put Bruul to work as a harvester, gathering the juicy fruits at his families territorial waterholes to sustain his tribe and then later as a warrior to defend others as they harvested. The heat of the planet meant most of the local fauna had impenetrable heat defenses, making most laser weaponry pointless unless they were pointed at another human and so Bruul learned to take care of an array of solid shot weaponry to drive the various predators off.
Soon after Bruul initiation as a man of the tribe, aged 15, his tribe was moving close to the edge of its territory when it was suddenly attacked by a rival tribe, hoping to take over their watering holes. But Bruuls tribe was fierce and fought down to a man. That man was Bruul, who was knocked unconscious after a bullet grazed his skull in the middle of the battle. When he awoke his tribe was littered around him, dead in the sand, their vehicles, animals and goods stolen by the opposing tribe.
Faced by his new reality Bruul did the only thing he could do; head to Lifeline. Without a tribe to support him there was no way he could survive out in the desert anymore, nor even take revenge on the tribe that killed them. Surviving on the few supply dumps his tribe had left, as well as the salted strips of meat he had cut from his own family, he made it to Lifeline and signed up as a guard on the first offworld transport. Luckily Valos Krin had a well earned reputation for creating hardy warriors and Bruul quickly found himself as a much desired hired mercenary. He drifted around the solar system for several years before suddenly attracting the attention of the Inquisition while he transporting a series of chaotic artifacts, unaware of their true power. When the Inquisitor and his acolytes attacked Bruul defended his cargo impecably, gunning down several soldiers before a stray bullet shattered the seals on the artifacts, mutating several of his fellow guards and causing their dead comrades to rise up and attack. Bruul turned on his old companions with equal savagery, blasting them to gory pieces and staving off an execution through his actions, instead being offered a position as an acolyte by the Inquisitors side, bringing his grim determination and hard-won fighting skills to the aid of the Imperium.

Party ImpressionsEdit

Glory to the Emperor, may His light show you the way and blind your enemies.
To sleep is to trust another man with your life, and I find myself in a mixed collective, I sleep with one eye open for the time being.
There is a machine-priest, Demus Diometica. He is a working man, though his tools and equipment are far beyond what I am used to, and so I respect him for that. We have little to discuss, him and I, outside of our missions but I can rely on his expertise just as he can rely on my protection and so is a valued companion.
Ishmael is a man I respect, a man dedicated to upholding the social laws of Mankind. I did not meet his kind until later life, before then there was only the law of the Emperor and the law of nature, neither of which can be broken. The fact that these laws need defending is saddening, but in my time in the greater galaxy I have seen the need for men like himself. Together, now, we are weapon-brothers and that pleases me.
Titus knows many things, except perhaps hard labour. He has soft hands, but a steely mind and good eyes, often when I am confronted by some strange new item or setting it is he who leads the way or spots the vital link and I often let him lead the way in such places, as it is clear when my talents are required.
There is little good to be said about the women. Severa is unnatural. A girl capable of wielding magics from a world unfamilar even with gunpowder, and though she habours no overt hostility to us I often wonder what ills the powers she wields will bring. It is also impossible to sleep anywhere within earshot of her.
Annalise does not act as a woman her age is expected to, though she first appears accommodating she is in fact an unfaithful trickster, lacking honesty and respect. Were we not dealing with her sort regularly and in need of her skills, there would be words between us.
As the saying goes; what one man cannot lift, many can grasp. Together perhaps we will accomplish the task that alone we could not.
Thus continues the final chapter of the Yuismiveljacht.

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