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Barnaby is the name of every crew member on the Rogue Trader vessel 'Miss Fortune' in Nuggan's game To Adventure, Fortune, and Glory.   All crew men should be named Barnaby everywhere.


Due to budgetary concerns, the Rogue Trader Yolande could only afford a bulk order of the same name patch, and so every crew member had the name Barnaby on their jumpers.  The Barnabies, as they came to be known, were affable chaps and were the mascots of the game.  The crew went to great lengths to make them happy.


Silas snaps his fingers at the nearest red shirt,"Voidman Barnaby, return to the ship and bring the 970.M41 dark rum."

"Ahh, that Barnaby. Salt of the earth, and all that. I dare say if it weren't for all the Barnabies on board the Missy would have gone down with all hands long ago, no?"

"Barnaby is a good man, sooner'd shoot himself than harm the ship were he to become a mutant."

Barnaby is a good fellow," Tanda joins in, "He's always around when you need him."

"Petty Officer Barnaby, please wait here for Voidman Barnaby to return. We will continue on."

The Barnabys[]

  • "You heard the man, Barnaby, leave a crate of our rum here for the hermits." Silas stands and bows. "I have been humbled by your kindess, it was not what I was expecting. Emperor protect you all." He heads back to the Miss Fortune, full of belly and mind and barnaby.
  • Two weeks pass in Footfall. You replenish your Barnabys with vagrants from the stations, and repairs are completed on Miss Fortune.
  • In the teleportarium, Silas watches in Glee as the murderbots are wheeled in by the able Barnabys. Once the murderbots had been Barnabys, probably, but now they were Murderbys.
  • The Barnaby tech-priest targeting the Teleporter reports a perfect landing of the servitors upon the sensor arrays.  Your full crew of bridge officers stands upon the Teleportarium pad. The Barnabys present give a full salute to their superiors before there is a brilliant flash of white and you find yourselves standing on the bridge of the Cruiser.
  • "Barnaby? Report! Barnaby! Where are they? Usually they are awaiting our return, pouncing upon us with their playful paws and licking our faces." Silas stalks down the corridor, looking for any sign of their able crew.
  • A chill runs over Silas' body, as he envisions the horrible things that may have happened to the Barnabys. He see's ole engineering Barnaby trapped inside of a fusion reactor, banging the door as a terrible chaotic thing pushes the ignite button. He envisions munitorium Barnaby trapped under a fallen stack of ammo crates, his fingers mere centimeters away from the Vox of salvation. And worst of all bridge Barnaby, shaking in fear, not knowing which of the large buttons to push on the console.  "We never should have left them alone!"