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Aurum Goldfingers the 3rd[]


Aurum was Sormus' character in Guardgame Mk2 and currently in Stuck in the Middle with You.

He is an Imperial Guardsman Sergeant who strives to bring the human touch back to IG through Officer-Soldier interaction.


Aurum is a son of a well-known hive noble family, The Goldfingers. Through his words and actions he had managed to earn himself a reputation of a "complete and utter shitgoblin" amidst his more elder family members.

As his father didn't really see any merit in having a man of his caliber inherit the family throne he offered Aurum a simple choice: Enlist in the Guard and complete a tour or die of sudden and tragic illness.

Sgt. Aurum enlisted in the 475th Volg Airborne Regiment which was deployed to a nameless rock to battle the God-Emperor's enemies, abhumans and renegade servitors.

Sadly he was originally marked as killed in action and his family used this as an excuse to have him banished as an imposter.

Aurum was later found busking for change near a Janissary recruiting post on Cossar where his previous service record made him a prime candidate for the NCO fast track. Aurum himself is still confused why this happened again.

Confirmed Kills[]

  • Dark Eldar Slave Skiff (partial)
  • Traitor Guardsmen (claimed)