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Enginseer Aloysius is an Only War character played by Ryuujin in Scoobi's game Stuck In The Middle With You. He is a a Tech-Priest Enginseer and a crazy would be cook.


Enginseer Aloysius, like most servants of the Omnissiah, is shrouded in secrecy just as he is shrouded by a concealing robe.  A rather knowledgeable Enginseer he was sent to join the 345th Cossar Janissary Regiment to bring knowledge and enlightenment toward Omnissiah to the uneducated masses.  A strange quirk has left him with a great desire to cook, despite his lack of taste.

A long time searcher of perfection has led to many alterations in his body.  The recent injuries his squad has suffered have inspired him to develop his squad into the most perfect machine graced squad to ever exist.  But first he must learn what he can from the downed Warhound Titan.  The recent fiasco that resulted in a number of injuries among his squad, a brief battle with some Dark Eldar, also led to Aloysius gaining a connection to the squad's Devil Dog.  Connected when both were knocked off line by some psychic shenanigans bits and pieces of the Devil Dog's Machine Spirit and Aloysius's consciousness were merged when he force restarted his bionics.


  • One Baneblade
  • Three Chimeras (with Teuvo and Austus)
  • One half of a Warhound Titan (with Elgan and Noelle)
  • Two infantry platoons (with Squad)
  • One Dark Eldar Slave Skiff (with Teuvo and Aurum)
  • 4 Kabilite Warriors (with Nerem, Noelle, Elgan and Karl


  • Cossar Ribbon Titanicus Righteous Fury vs Structure Point > 40 vehicles may roll twice, choose best
  • Cossar Meritorious Unit Ribbon +10 to fellowship tests with fellow Cossar units
  • Mechanicus Cross Titanicus +20 to WP tests when facing super heavy vehicles