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The infamous (Sigh) post was made by Alectai in PantlessBadger's A Game of Guards recruitment thread. It has since passed into legend, and is often used humorously after game picks have been posted.

The Post[]


So, what did I do wrong in my character? So I know to avoid that in the future? Given how my character was actually Done, as opposed to a character sheet with no background or other information?

Or did I just get unlucky and apply for a position that someone who was promised a spot wanted?

Long story short, I'd just like to know what removed me from consideration so I don't make that mistake in the future.


A number of other posters responded to Alectai's outburst with their own parodies:

"(sigh) I always thought SA was better than the rest of the internet, but I guess even here my genius goes unappreciated. For future reference, what was it that you didn't understand about my sheet? I'd like to know what to dumb down in the future" -Sledra

"(sigh) why wasnt my hipster girl mary sue taken in place of an actual soldier? was there something wrong with her glasses? you've probably never actually heard of my sheet" -Liesmith

"(sigh) I shoulda joined the army" -Yoshimo


The recruitment thread:

Alectai's character submission: (Note: the original image of a Japanese ganguro girl has been replaced.)

The infamous post:

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